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Opatija - Croatia


Opatija is in western part of Croatia, southwest of Rijeka, on the Adriatic coastline. Opatija is in the Gulf of Kvarner and, geographically is on Istrian peninsula but this city is not a part of Istria County.

Opatija is a part of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Comparing with many other cities on the Adriatic coastline, Opatija is very specific, thanks to its Austro-Hungarian flair that marks this town like some magical and magnetic beauty, even more than 120 years. This town is actually, an ideal choice for people who seek and looking for splendor and luxury.
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There is an interesting nick name for Opatija – „ Croatian Monte-Carlo“, and it is a synonym for splendor and luxury, so it is appropriate choice for all who wish to have a good time or just relax on their vacation time.

Opatija is well-known by its villas. Theye were built in the 19th century by Austro-Hungarian noblemen. Most of them are located next to famous walking path „ lungo mare“. This walking path is 11 km long and it winds along the sea.
Beside its beautiful villas, Opatija has some extraordinary and well-groomed gardens and parks. There you can enjoy in splendid scent of indigenous plants.

How to get there: by car using the highway or regional road, by plane using the airport in Pula ( 82 km away ), by bus lines, by train and by local and international ferry lines.

Sightseeing in Opatija, which are particularly interesting: St. Jakob Park is one of the places you will meet frequently on your walk through Opatija. This park is also known as horticultural specificity that covers more than 3,64 hectares with more than 160 different plants. Girl with seagull, this statue became one of the symbols of Opatija. It was erected in 1956 and sculptor Zvonko Car made this work of art. Lungomare walking path – This is one of the most beautiful walking paths on the Adriatic. You can enjoy a 11 km long path that is unique by its beauty. Church of Mary denunciation - This Neoromantic building is one of the favorite religious gatherings of Opatija's inhabitants. Its characteristic detail is the green dome.

Beaches : Opatija has many beaches, due to its good position on the coastline. Many of them have appropriate facilities and they are marked by a Blue flag. There are many concrete terraces for your complete comfort. For those who look for nature, there are many hidden bays. For a family holiday there is Mošćenićka Draga. Opatija is a favorite place for those who do not search for fun in noisy discotheques but rather wish to spend time in some of the lounge bars. Anyway, you will be able to dance in one of the beach bars.There are plenty of summer events in Opatija.

Opatija is famous for its marinas and nautical tourism. ACI Marina Opatija lies between Opatija and Ičići. From the year of 1999, this marina is carrier of the Blue Flag. Bike fans have several cycling paths at their disposal in the vicinity. For adventure lovers, there is possibility for climbing in in area of Učka mountain. Islands Cres and Lošinj are excellent localities for diving.

There are many range of restaurants and some of them are: Commodore ACI Marina, Bevanda, Evergreen, Tavern Istranka, Camelia, Laurus etc. Some of excellent café bars are Cafe bar Tennis, Cafe Wagner, Caffe bar Beto, Caffe bar Bellvue, Caffe bar Galija, Lounge bar Monokini etc.

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National Park Krka - Croatia

National Park Krka

Are you willing to see and to feel a unique beauty of the nature and, in the same time, to enjoy the benefits of an amazingly beautiful vacation, we truly recommend the visit to the National Park Krka.

The access to the National park Krka is very easy.You can reach it over the A1 motorway or across the Adriatic Highway. It is open for visitors year round, and this breathtaking National Park can be toured by water, by road or by foot on many hiking trails. There are three entrances to the National Park Krka: Roški Slap, Skradin, Lozovac.

 Roški slap can be reached by road from Drniš, Knin and Skradin, or by the excursion boats of the National Park Krka. There are organized boat excursions from Roški Slap to the Krka Monastery. You can visit as well, the Early Croatian Fortress of Trošenj and Nečven. Skradin Entrance is starting point for the visitors that are willing to gor through the river Krka. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy in an extraordinary beauty of the river Krka canyon.

There is bicycle trails, about 3 km in length, leading from the Skradin Bridge to Skradinski buk (Krka Falls). For any further information, you can contact the branch office of the National Park Krka in Skradin, where you can also find a souvenir shop and multimedia gallery. Entrance Lozovac is the main entrance for visitors that come by road.

If you prefer to take a walk, there is great opportunity to reach Skradinski Buk from this entrance. It will take about 10 minutes and hiking trail is about 800 m long. When it comes to the reason why so many visitors come over here through the whole year, Super-apartments will give you an insight to some facts about the National Park Krka.

This area was declared as a National Park in 1985 and this area is along the course of the Krka River, which flows through a deep and picturesque canyon for over 75 km and creates beautiful and unique waterfalls– Bilušić buk, Miljacka, Brljan, Rošnjak, Manojlovački slap, Roški slap and the fantastic Skradinski buk (Krka Falls 46 m), Europe's largest barrier of the travertine.

There are two cultural monuments: the Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac and the Krka monastery. Visovac Island is in the middle of Visovac Lake. The Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy, and the Church of Our Lady of Visovac, have stood here since 1445. They form a unique entity with their extraordinary and magnificent grounds.The monastery possesses a significant archaeological collection, a collection of historical church linens and dishes, and a rich library with many valuable books.

Due to the centuries of worship of Our Lady, the island of Visovac is also called Our Lady’s Island. There is another interesting spot - Jaruga Hydroelectric Power Plant. This is a hydroelectric power plant on river Krka and it is one of the oldest power plants in the world. Its present location dates back to 1903.

Regarding the accommodation, Super-apartments can offer plenty of apartments at affordable prices in nearby cities Skradin, Vodice, Šibenik.

Restaurants that we can recommend are: Stari mlin, Kalikuša, Bak, Panorama. There is interesting beach in Skradin city, where you can feel a mixture of the river and the sea. It is because of the proximity of the river estuary to the sea. There are many beautiful places, in Skradin or in area of National Park, where you can eat and enjoy in a perfect synergy of the beautiful nature around you and excellent meals. 

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Makarska riviera for tourist

Makarska Riviera

Super-apartments strongly recommend Makarska Riviera for your holiday. 

There are many reason for it.This part of Dalmatian coast side is one of the most beautiful part of it and in this Riviera is possible to find appropriate place for holiday for any type of guests. Main reason for it is the fact that Makarska Riviera is micro-region with a beauty of a string of pearls-small towns, and they will allow various types of accommodation and holidays for everyone's needs.

This Riviera starts with Brela, small town on the western part and extends to Gradac, on the eastern part of it. It consists : Baška Voda, Promajna, Tučepi, Podgora, Bratuš, Drašnice, Igrane, Živogošće, Drvenik, Zaostrog, Podaca, Brist . It stretches for 60 km and Makarska is the centre of this micro-region.


 It is as well, one of the most popular tourist destination, thanks to its beauty of nature, beauty of beaches, variety of possibilities for amusement and excellent connection with rest of Dalmatian coast side cities by the Adriatic Highway and with islands / Brač, Hvar / by regular ferry lines. Super- apartments offer accommodation in plenty of apartments, in the center of Makarska, at affordable prices. In other places of Makarska Riviera our offer is the same – depend on your needs. In case you need a calm and small town for your family holiday, we can offer the appropriate accommodation in our apartments, and in case you are interested for a vibrant and full of entertainment holiday – there is Makarska as an excellent choice.

 This city has very specific position, it is located, on the shape of an amphitheater under the mountain of Biokovo and it is protected against the wild and open sea, by natural and beautiful port. It starts from the south-east cap Osejava and it extends to the peninsula of Sv. Petar / St. Peter / on the north-west. The main activity of its inhabitants is tourism and Makarska has excellent conditions for it. It offers the various type of beaches, a wide range of places for entertainment.


 Makarska is remarkable town with a fantastic and various gastronomic offer in a wide range of restaurants and taverns and with famous seafront with many of the amazing coffee shops for your enjoyment. There are many sightseeing points and some of them are: St. Mark's Cathedral (17th century), in the Main Square, St. Philip's Church (18th century), St. Peter's church (13th century), situated on the Sv.Petar / St. Peter / peninsula rebuilt in 1993, The Franciscan monastery (16th century). It houses a library with numerous books and rare incunabula's and a famous, world known collection of shells from all over the world, collected in a Malacological Museum from 1963, Napoleon monument, erected in the honour of the French Marshal Marmont in 1808, Villa Tonolli, which is home to the Town Museum. Statue of the friar Andrija Kačić Miošić.

There are some splendid places where you can enjoy in excellent Dalmatian dishes and some of them are: Restaurant „ Adrion“, Restaurant „ El Toro“, Restaurant „ Jež“, Restaurant „ Mihaljević“, Restaurant Peškera“. There are as well, for your entertainment during the night hours, some of vibrant places: Discotheque „Deep“ and „ Petar Pan“ ( in natural caves ), etc.

Seafront in town of Makarska is one of the most visited site during all day long. There you can find in the morning hours, splendid coffee and good refreshments all together with excellent choice of cakes. During all day long and night, it is a place of gathering and entertainment.

Adriatic Sea - Croatia

Adriatic sea -Croatia

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Hvar - Croatia

Island Hvar, Croatia - Tourist information

Hvar is a city and port on the island of the same name - Hvar.

It is part of Split-Dalmatia County in Croatia and it is the largest settlement on the island of Hvar. Location of this city is very interesting for each possible tourist because Hvar is situated on a beautiful bay in the south coast of the island. This location is opposite from the other nearby towns of Stari Grad and Jelsa.

Hvar is the place that has very interesting tourist history– there was the Hygienic Society of Hvar which made a huge influence to the economy of the city and the island. As one of the earliest tourist boards in Europe, it was founded in 1868 with the purpose of providing a good care for visitors. 

Today, the city has a variety of accommodation possibilities and Super-apartments provide a number of different kinds of apartments. Tourist offer of Hvar is a very diverse; there you can find many galleries, museums, and exhibitions, including Loggia, the Arsenal, the Croatian Institute, and the Hvar Heritage Museum with its archaeological and art collections. 

Hvar beside theirs accommodation possibilities could recommend a high quality services for sailing and diving. There are many locations for it and you can easily find all needed support in local diving centers. A picturesque natural bay of Hvar has regular catamaran ferry services to Split, Brač, Korčula, Lastovo and Vis.

Hvar is famous for its taverns and these are some of them: “ Menego”, “ Katarina”, “ Luviji”, “Stori komin” etc. Hvar's beaches are well maintained and equipped. In the same time, there are very unique and amazing beaches with easy access to it and, on the other hand, you can explore coastline and enjoy in a surprisingly beautiful small beaches and coves. 
For anyone that appreciate an active night life, super-apartments can recommend several night bars: “ Ka’lavanda”, “Carpe diem”, “ Kiva”, “ Red baron”, “ Archie s bar” etc. 

It is very well known that entertainment in Hvar lasts all day long. It starts during the day in different types of amusement on beaches, goes till after- parties in many of local bars in the afternoon and then, it continues all night long in a open-air discotheque. 

Super-apartments would like to point out to any tourist interested to spend his holiday in Hvar that he could explore, learn and see a lot about Hvar's heritage and culture. A part of Hvar’s heritage is under UNCEF protection. There are two specificities: Aloe lace work which is made by Benedictine nuns in the town of Hvar only. Using a special technique, Benedictine nuns are producing this kind of Aloe's threads and they make a special lace work pieces. These pieces of unique art are symbols of Hvar.

The second specificity is so-called procession„ Za križen“. It is held every Easter as a part of Easter's celebration events and it is unique by its course and habits. Regardless you come just to enjoy in the magnificently pure and healing air or in its indescribably blue and clear sea, you will have an opportunity to notice a special splendor of this island and the town because of great interest for its beauty, pureness of the nature and rich heritage from the side of many trendsetters and world travelers.

 Hvar is a magical place. Come and feel the magic.

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