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Hvar - Croatia

Island Hvar, Croatia - Tourist information

Hvar is a city and port on the island of the same name - Hvar.

It is part of Split-Dalmatia County in Croatia and it is the largest settlement on the island of Hvar. Location of this city is very interesting for each possible tourist because Hvar is situated on a beautiful bay in the south coast of the island. This location is opposite from the other nearby towns of Stari Grad and Jelsa.

Hvar is the place that has very interesting tourist history– there was the Hygienic Society of Hvar which made a huge influence to the economy of the city and the island. As one of the earliest tourist boards in Europe, it was founded in 1868 with the purpose of providing a good care for visitors. 

Today, the city has a variety of accommodation possibilities and Super-apartments provide a number of different kinds of apartments. Tourist offer of Hvar is a very diverse; there you can find many galleries, museums, and exhibitions, including Loggia, the Arsenal, the Croatian Institute, and the Hvar Heritage Museum with its archaeological and art collections. 

Hvar beside theirs accommodation possibilities could recommend a high quality services for sailing and diving. There are many locations for it and you can easily find all needed support in local diving centers. A picturesque natural bay of Hvar has regular catamaran ferry services to Split, Brač, Korčula, Lastovo and Vis.

Hvar is famous for its taverns and these are some of them: “ Menego”, “ Katarina”, “ Luviji”, “Stori komin” etc. Hvar's beaches are well maintained and equipped. In the same time, there are very unique and amazing beaches with easy access to it and, on the other hand, you can explore coastline and enjoy in a surprisingly beautiful small beaches and coves. 
For anyone that appreciate an active night life, super-apartments can recommend several night bars: “ Ka’lavanda”, “Carpe diem”, “ Kiva”, “ Red baron”, “ Archie s bar” etc. 

It is very well known that entertainment in Hvar lasts all day long. It starts during the day in different types of amusement on beaches, goes till after- parties in many of local bars in the afternoon and then, it continues all night long in a open-air discotheque. 

Super-apartments would like to point out to any tourist interested to spend his holiday in Hvar that he could explore, learn and see a lot about Hvar's heritage and culture. A part of Hvar’s heritage is under UNCEF protection. There are two specificities: Aloe lace work which is made by Benedictine nuns in the town of Hvar only. Using a special technique, Benedictine nuns are producing this kind of Aloe's threads and they make a special lace work pieces. These pieces of unique art are symbols of Hvar.

The second specificity is so-called procession„ Za križen“. It is held every Easter as a part of Easter's celebration events and it is unique by its course and habits. Regardless you come just to enjoy in the magnificently pure and healing air or in its indescribably blue and clear sea, you will have an opportunity to notice a special splendor of this island and the town because of great interest for its beauty, pureness of the nature and rich heritage from the side of many trendsetters and world travelers.

 Hvar is a magical place. Come and feel the magic.

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