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Makarska riviera for tourist

Makarska Riviera

Super-apartments strongly recommend Makarska Riviera for your holiday. 

There are many reason for it.This part of Dalmatian coast side is one of the most beautiful part of it and in this Riviera is possible to find appropriate place for holiday for any type of guests. Main reason for it is the fact that Makarska Riviera is micro-region with a beauty of a string of pearls-small towns, and they will allow various types of accommodation and holidays for everyone's needs.

This Riviera starts with Brela, small town on the western part and extends to Gradac, on the eastern part of it. It consists : Baška Voda, Promajna, Tučepi, Podgora, Bratuš, Drašnice, Igrane, Živogošće, Drvenik, Zaostrog, Podaca, Brist . It stretches for 60 km and Makarska is the centre of this micro-region.


 It is as well, one of the most popular tourist destination, thanks to its beauty of nature, beauty of beaches, variety of possibilities for amusement and excellent connection with rest of Dalmatian coast side cities by the Adriatic Highway and with islands / Brač, Hvar / by regular ferry lines. Super- apartments offer accommodation in plenty of apartments, in the center of Makarska, at affordable prices. In other places of Makarska Riviera our offer is the same – depend on your needs. In case you need a calm and small town for your family holiday, we can offer the appropriate accommodation in our apartments, and in case you are interested for a vibrant and full of entertainment holiday – there is Makarska as an excellent choice.

 This city has very specific position, it is located, on the shape of an amphitheater under the mountain of Biokovo and it is protected against the wild and open sea, by natural and beautiful port. It starts from the south-east cap Osejava and it extends to the peninsula of Sv. Petar / St. Peter / on the north-west. The main activity of its inhabitants is tourism and Makarska has excellent conditions for it. It offers the various type of beaches, a wide range of places for entertainment.


 Makarska is remarkable town with a fantastic and various gastronomic offer in a wide range of restaurants and taverns and with famous seafront with many of the amazing coffee shops for your enjoyment. There are many sightseeing points and some of them are: St. Mark's Cathedral (17th century), in the Main Square, St. Philip's Church (18th century), St. Peter's church (13th century), situated on the Sv.Petar / St. Peter / peninsula rebuilt in 1993, The Franciscan monastery (16th century). It houses a library with numerous books and rare incunabula's and a famous, world known collection of shells from all over the world, collected in a Malacological Museum from 1963, Napoleon monument, erected in the honour of the French Marshal Marmont in 1808, Villa Tonolli, which is home to the Town Museum. Statue of the friar Andrija Kačić Miošić.

There are some splendid places where you can enjoy in excellent Dalmatian dishes and some of them are: Restaurant „ Adrion“, Restaurant „ El Toro“, Restaurant „ Jež“, Restaurant „ Mihaljević“, Restaurant Peškera“. There are as well, for your entertainment during the night hours, some of vibrant places: Discotheque „Deep“ and „ Petar Pan“ ( in natural caves ), etc.

Seafront in town of Makarska is one of the most visited site during all day long. There you can find in the morning hours, splendid coffee and good refreshments all together with excellent choice of cakes. During all day long and night, it is a place of gathering and entertainment.

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