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Opatija - Croatia


Opatija is in western part of Croatia, southwest of Rijeka, on the Adriatic coastline. Opatija is in the Gulf of Kvarner and, geographically is on Istrian peninsula but this city is not a part of Istria County.

Opatija is a part of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Comparing with many other cities on the Adriatic coastline, Opatija is very specific, thanks to its Austro-Hungarian flair that marks this town like some magical and magnetic beauty, even more than 120 years. This town is actually, an ideal choice for people who seek and looking for splendor and luxury.
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There is an interesting nick name for Opatija – „ Croatian Monte-Carlo“, and it is a synonym for splendor and luxury, so it is appropriate choice for all who wish to have a good time or just relax on their vacation time.

Opatija is well-known by its villas. Theye were built in the 19th century by Austro-Hungarian noblemen. Most of them are located next to famous walking path „ lungo mare“. This walking path is 11 km long and it winds along the sea.
Beside its beautiful villas, Opatija has some extraordinary and well-groomed gardens and parks. There you can enjoy in splendid scent of indigenous plants.

How to get there: by car using the highway or regional road, by plane using the airport in Pula ( 82 km away ), by bus lines, by train and by local and international ferry lines.

Sightseeing in Opatija, which are particularly interesting: St. Jakob Park is one of the places you will meet frequently on your walk through Opatija. This park is also known as horticultural specificity that covers more than 3,64 hectares with more than 160 different plants. Girl with seagull, this statue became one of the symbols of Opatija. It was erected in 1956 and sculptor Zvonko Car made this work of art. Lungomare walking path – This is one of the most beautiful walking paths on the Adriatic. You can enjoy a 11 km long path that is unique by its beauty. Church of Mary denunciation - This Neoromantic building is one of the favorite religious gatherings of Opatija's inhabitants. Its characteristic detail is the green dome.

Beaches : Opatija has many beaches, due to its good position on the coastline. Many of them have appropriate facilities and they are marked by a Blue flag. There are many concrete terraces for your complete comfort. For those who look for nature, there are many hidden bays. For a family holiday there is Mošćenićka Draga. Opatija is a favorite place for those who do not search for fun in noisy discotheques but rather wish to spend time in some of the lounge bars. Anyway, you will be able to dance in one of the beach bars.There are plenty of summer events in Opatija.

Opatija is famous for its marinas and nautical tourism. ACI Marina Opatija lies between Opatija and Ičići. From the year of 1999, this marina is carrier of the Blue Flag. Bike fans have several cycling paths at their disposal in the vicinity. For adventure lovers, there is possibility for climbing in in area of Učka mountain. Islands Cres and Lošinj are excellent localities for diving.

There are many range of restaurants and some of them are: Commodore ACI Marina, Bevanda, Evergreen, Tavern Istranka, Camelia, Laurus etc. Some of excellent café bars are Cafe bar Tennis, Cafe Wagner, Caffe bar Beto, Caffe bar Bellvue, Caffe bar Galija, Lounge bar Monokini etc.

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