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Pelješac - Croatia


Pelješac is a Croatian peninsula on Adriatcic coast side. Position of  Pelješac is on southern part of Croatia and in an immediate vicinity of Dubrovnik. There are many of benefits for Pelješac in touristic manner – it is very good connected with rest of the country by good roads and in the same time, there are regular ferry lines with islands Korčula and Hvar.

Pelješac is part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and it is a second largest peninsula in Croatia. It begins with an isthmus nearby city of Ston till the top of peninsula – a cape Lovišta. The length of the peninsula is 65 km. Some of its larger towns are : Orebić in the western part,Trpanj in the northwest part, Janjina in the central part and Ston, in the eastern part of peninsula.

From tourist point of view, there are some interesting sights : mountain region of peninsula Pelješac is known as hunting grounds for mouflon. This peninsula is known as well by some excellent wines, e.g Dingač, Postup and you will be very welcome because tourism and all activities related to tourism are main occupation of its inhabitants. There are many location for salt pans, one of the oldest in Europe. Ston is known by his oyster cultivation activity. Long maritime tradition on this peninsula is reason that you can see and enjoy in a charming beauty of numerous villas which are surrounded by amazing and well-designed gardens.

Orebić is small and well-known town on the southern side of the peninsula, vis-à-vis Korčula island. Sourrounding of Orebić is composed by pine forests, plantations of almonds and plantations of citrus fruits. This town has been important maritime center and his name comes from the 16th century, after sailor's family Orebić.

Super-apartments would like to recommend beautiful beaches of Orebić and Trsenica beach is one of the best. Beside the apartments which are in our tourist offer, in Orebić are possible to find many camp-sites. Some of very charming villas are available for your accommodation.

Trpanj is small town and port on the northern coast line of Pelješac. Trpanj is well-known by its sunny beaches and this is a perfect place for the family vacation and holiday. Ston is well-known for its salt pans and oyster cultivation. All coastline nearby Ston, along the ship canal and the embankment of Papratna is convenient and excellent for swimming, fishing and underwater fishing. Specificity of Ston is wall with fortification all around the city. Length of the wall is 980 m and it is composed by classic forms of wall with fortification elements. Regarding accommodation, Super-apartments offer many apartments in each town of Pelješac so in Ston. Good food and good wines you can find in many of restaurants: „ Bella vista, „ Bianco“. Taverns: „ Bakus“, Lukas tavern“.

Location of Mali Ston / Little Ston / is in an inlet and this small town is known for its cultivation of seashells in the canal of Mali Ston. Mali Ston is surrounded by old walls in a shape of square. It is a perfect place for a calm family holiday thanks to beautiful beaches, pine forests around it and wonderful small town atmosphere. There you can find restaurants: „Kapetanova kuća“, „ Mlinica „, „ Villa Koruna „. and there you can enjoy in a specific and excellent wines and dishes.

All other small and picturesque towns at Pelješac : Trpanj, Viganj, Žuljana, Postup. They are known for its calm beauty and they are from the side of Super-apartments strongly recommended for family holiday.

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