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Dubrovnik riviera

Dubrovnik riviera


Zaton, Orašac, Slano and Trsteno tourist information:

Zaton is situated not far from Dubrovnik, named after the beautiful bay, famous for its old villas from the Dubrovnik Republic. It consists of large and small Zaton and along the beautiful sandy beaches, clear sea and beautiful scenery offers a completely fenced holiday to every tourist desirous of genuine enjoyment. 

Although there are no hotels in Zaton, a rich offer of private accommodation you can look at Besides the accommodation that you as a tourist are definitely interested, Zaton offers restaurants, coffee bars, shops, restaurants and post office. I would highly recommend two fish restaurants'' Ancora'' and ''Dva bora''. Enjoy dishes from the Adriatic Sea. Zaton is a true destination if you want near the famous tourist resort, in this case, Dubrovnik, yet peaceful place where you recharge your batteries and enjoy what you offer the Adriatic Sea.

Orašac is located between Zaton and Trsteno, named after the nuts that are grown old Dubrovnikans until the fall of the Dubrovnik Republic. Facing exactly the Koločep, and its lower part the sea, via the main road leading to the beach and moorings with boats, while the upper stretches to the hill above. In Orašac is the most famous celebration of the St. Orašac Lady, recommendation to any tourist that is by chance in July found on their holiday in Orasac. 

Although Orasac relatively small place, it has very big complex Dubrovnik Sun Gardens'''', 5-star hotel, the Radisson SAS chain known - Radisson BLU Resort & Spa Dubrovnik Riviera. Since the bridge, Dubrovnik is only 15 km, we advise any one tourist who wants a quiet vacation to implement it on the Dubrovnik Riviera.

Slano is situated in the bay, 37 km from Dubrovnik, about its rich history that dates back to prehistoric times the story is told by the remains of forts on closest hills. The ancient ruins of a Roman fortress and old Catholic sarcophagus are sure to interest every tourist desirous of knowledge about the history of this region. In 1399 when the Slano became a part of the Dubrovnik Republic, it had also a Rector's Palace with Prince, which indicates the importance of the Slano at that time. 

Besides a rich history that you can explore by walking, Slano has 2 hotels, Hotel Osmine with 3 stars, the Admiral Hotel with 5 star, and many apartments that you can look at, restaurants and bars. Certainly accommodation may be one of the most important interest to tourists, however local specialties are surelly second desire for all those gurmans, therefore we recommend to experience gastronomy in Slano and visit restaurants ''Grgurići'', ''Kolarin'' and ''Maestral''. During the war in 1991, Slano was completely devastated and has returned to its splendor and beauty in the nearby past.

Trsteno is certainly one of the most magnificent places of the Dubrovnik region. Trsteno is known for its Arboretum, raised with great love by the Gucetic family, which had at that point their own castle and lands. They planted one of the most beautiful park, and certainly one of the oldest ones in this region. Plants were brought from all over the world, and apart from the most varied plant life, there's also a mansion, an aqueduct, mill, and an interesting fountain of Neptune and nymphs. If you're in the passing trough Trsteno, you'll recognize it by its giant plane trees located in the center, which in some ways become a symbol of Trsteno. So if you are just passing nearby, we surely reccomend you to stop and visit botanical garden. Have a nice time .

Rijeka Dubrovačka interesting for its sea-river bay and its location nearby Dubrovnik. Because of its natural beauty and natural spring water, Rijeka Dubrovačka was a favorite place of the old Dubrovnikans for the construction of its beautiful villas and castles which can be seen passing through this area. Rijeka Dubrovačka consist of 10 small settlements, the most important ones are Sustjepan, Rozat and Mokosica. Despite all its natural beauty of the Rijeka Dubrovačka, it is far most attractive and famous for its marina ''ACI Marina Dubrovnik'', where you can see many yachts from all over the world.

If you decide to spend your holidays in Dubrovnik, and get tired of city noise, we recommend visiting at least one of these beautiful settlements of Dubrovnik Riviera. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I would be happy to respond you back.

 Enjoy your holidays.

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