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Rovinj tourist information

Rovinj tourist information

Rovinj is placed in western part of  Istrian coast, and it has population of approximately 14 000 inhabitants. The climate in Rovinj is mild, Mediterranean, which means long and dry summer and mild winters. It is just a prefect place for your summer holiday. Winds that blows in this region are gale which gives a cold and nice weather, south wind with warmer weather, and mild landwards breeze wich blows with giving a refreshment during the hot summer days.

Rovinj settled on the Adriatic sea as old fishing town, surrounded by beautiful islands bigger and smaller ones, is placed in Istria and is considered as one of the most famous touristic places in Croatia. Rovinj has only two settlements: Rovinj – Rovigno i Rovinjsko Selo - Villa di Rovigno.

Rovinj is first mentioned as Castrum  Rubini in 7th century,  Benussi chronicler had the opinion that Rovinj is founded somewhere in the period of III. to the fifth century , according to archaeological findings, it was inhabited in the prehistoric period - the Bronze and Iron Ages. After a peacefull time under the rule od Roman Empire, and many invadoors such as Huns and Visigots, Romans  were looking for  security, which they  found on islands: Mons Albanus, Cissu Sv. Andrija and Sv. Katerinu.

In the period of 10th to 12th century it resisted Venetian influence, but in year 1283. it is loosing its independence. In 16th century it has been often attacked from sea by pirates. Soon after Venice has felled, citizens took the city and maintained it even during the Austrian and French rule. In 1920 was given to the Italians by signing the Rapall agreement and was included into the Friuli – Venezia province. After the WW2 was over, 1947. Rovinj became a city in Yugoslavia.

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Nature is what makes this city so recognizable in the world. I am sure when tourist experience  Rovinj Islands and the Coastal Area, or Golden Cape Forest Park you will want to see more and more, so to enjoy all your time in Rovinj you can see also The Fantazija Quarry, Palud Wetlands and the Two Little Sisters Islands, Saline and The Lim Bay. 

Rovinj is also known as artist city, therefore many artists from all over the world come and visit Rovinj. Traditional Organization called the "Art Colony Rovinj" and "Grisia" is and event that is held annually and there are works of art exposend under the clear blue sky.

If you as a tourist arrive to Rovinj, you will easilly find various places of entertainment. Very popular Rovinj Fiesta, with numerous artists and musicians performing at concets, live music. Besides this sort of entertainment, for those who prefet peacefull holidays, Rovinj also offers classical music concerts in the Franciscan monastery. 

Furthermore, Rovinj has the largest entertainment complex in Istria region. Monvi Center offers many restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, pastry shops, an amphitheater and disco club.
Night Clubs and Bars: Villas Rubin, Monte Bar, Island in the Red Valentino, Eva and Monte Molina.
Casinos: Automat Club Istra and Adria Casino on board.

Rovinj is town which is known as romantic city, rich with its historical findings and cultural heritage, if you want to enjoy its old town, you must not forget to see a stroll through a hundred-year-old Zlatni Rt Park Forest (Golden Cape), enjoy delightful restaurants and the sunset, only than you will understand what a true romance is.

If tourist would like to experience a real spirit of Rovinj we advice you to see: Island Peninsula, City Palace, Town clock, Town walls and gates, Balbi’s arch, Center of historical research, The Antonio Gandusio theater, Franciscan monastery,  Church of St. Euphemia, Romanesque Church of the Holy Trinity. Also there are many interesting galleries and museums in Rovinj, among manny we reccomend following: Native museum, Batana House Eco Museum, Hütterott Mini Museum Trani Gallery, Workshop and Ethno Collection – A Story Told by Old Rovinj Fishermen Batana Center of Visual Art, Adris Gallery,Galleries (ateliers).

Rovinj Legend:
There is a story about Eupfemia, christian girl, that was spreading Christianity during a time of a Roman emperor Diocletian. She was arrested and tortured, and finally died in the age of 15. She was berried in Chalcedon, and a church is built on that place. When the Persian conquered Calcedon, coffin was taken to Constantinople. In the age of 800, the coffin mysteriously disappeared and miraculously come to Rovinj. Young boy carried that coffin with a pair of two heifers, all way up to the hill where was a church of st. George, according to the legend he died there, and his mother called a miracle so due to the legend, boy was returned to life. That church was later on called st. Euphemia. Every year on same date, that sarcophagus is opened to the believers.

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