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Poreč - Croatia


Poreč is a town and municipality on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula in Istria County, Croatia. Poreč is almost 2000 years old town and is located around a harbor protected from the sea by the Island of St. Nicholas. This town has 37 km long coastline, stretching from the Mirna River near Novigrad to Funtana and Vrsar in the south. Its most important landmark is the 6 century Euphrasian Basilica. It is a UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

Super-apartments recommend road traffic as way to access this town. Poreč is very well connected with the rest of Istria and many other larger cities such as: Zagreb, Rijeka, Ljubljana / Slovenia /. The nearest airport is in Pula and the closest railway station is in Pazin. Regarding the sea traffic, these days it is primary used for tourist excursions.

Main sights: it is interesting that the town plans still shows the ancient Roman castrum structure. Two main streets - Decumanus and Cardo Maximus, still preserved in their original forms. There is a Marafor – a Roman square with two temples attached. One is dedicated to the Roman God Neptune. It is erected in the first century AD.There are a few houses from the Romanesque period and they are preserved and beautiful.

Francisian church „ Dieta Istriana“ , built originally in Gothic style, it was remodeled in the Baroque style during the 18th century. Regarding the beaches it is important to tell that tourist infrastructure is intentionally dispersed along the 37 km long coastline. The south hosts self-contained centres like Plava Laguna ( Blue Lagoon), Zelena Laguna ( Green Lagoon ), Bijela Uvala ( White Cove ) and Brulo. To the north, there are Materada, Červar Porat, Ulika and Lanterna.

In the peak of the season, the area's temporary population can exceed 120,000. Super-apartments offer plenty of accommodation facilities, in the centre of Poreč, at affordable prices. There are possibilities to offer villas, studio-apartments and room – all upon your request. Regarding the possibilities for sport activities, there are many of it. Sports complexes are well-developed and open year-round.

Poreč is not a town for only summer time vacations. It is well-known in the off season and many of visitors from all Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy visit the area. Poreč is well-know by its events during the summer. Vinistra is one of the most important wine events. Not only for this area but wider. There is Dance Star, the final show during the May. Already traditional, it will gather more than 3.000 dancers from all over the world, including the main event – the Great Finals. The host for it is Intersport centre, Zelena Laguna ( Green Lagoon ).

In Poreč you can enjoy in excellent dishes with asparagus and very rare and high-rated truffles. Some of them are Restaurant „Dvi Murve“, Reastaurant „Filipini“, Restaurant „Zlatna ribica“, Restaurant “ Istra“, Restaurant „ Sv. Nikola. You can enjoy in the authentic ambience of the Istrian taverns, such are: Tavern „Istarska Konoba“, Tavern „ Kaštel“, Tavern „Kažeta“, Tavern „ Kompa“. There are many of wine shops where you can taste amazing and indigenous Istrian products. In this wine shops you can find extra virgin oil, made from Poreč's olives, special kinds of honey and excellent and sharp rakija ( brandy ). You can purchase them as souvenirs because they are a unique reminders for this beautiful part of Croatia.Those wine shops are: Wine shop „ Arman“, Wine shop „ Epulon“ and Wine shop „ Pinot“.

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