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Šibenik for tourist


Location of Šibenik is just about the middle of Croatian Adriatic coastline. Its position is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia.

 One of the main reasons for it is amazingly beautiful estuary of Krka river. This river is one of the most beautiful Croatian karst river and it is the main part of the National Park Krka, near the city in the neighbourhood, Skradin. At the present moment, Šibenik is an administrative, political, economic and sociocultural center of the Šibenik-Knin County, which spreads along the coastline between the shores of Zadar and Split. It is approximately 100 km long, and its inland reaches as far as the Dinara Mountain, 45 km away.

There is a significant traffic position of this city with all types of traffic possibilities and connections. The main road is Adriatic coastal highway with extensions to Drniš and Knin, and further towards Croatian inland. Second important means of transport is the train that leads to Split and Zagreb. From the Split airport and Zemunik airport, air traffic goes to different directions in Croatia and Europe.

Attractions of this coastal area are the islands that belong to it. There are 242 islands, small islands and reefs above the sea. Among all those islands, only ten is inhabited and the most interesting and beautiful group of islands, are Kornati.

Regarding accommodation of tourists, Super-apartments would like to offer, in the centre of Šibenik, plenty of apartments at affordable prices. You can also be accommodated in rooms or studio apartments, all depending on your needs and Super-apartments can meet all your requirements.

When it comes about possibilities for entertainment and fun and what to see in this city, there are many of it, interesting activities and places. There is a unique possibilities to visit even two National Parks - the first is National Park Krka with amazing flow of the river Krka with its waterfalls. The second is National Park Kornati which offers pure beauty of untouched nature. Here you can see and feel the unique beauty of karst and sea.

 In case that you are interested for some sport activities, related to sea – there are as well some of the posibillities for it. Diving, surfing, sailing activities for all that you can proper information in the Nautic center. There are as well bike rental possibilities, organised tours for fishing - all this guarantees a vacation full of interesting activities.

Some very interesting places are over here: The Cathedral of St. James ( Katedrala sv. Jakova) is the main site. This Cathedral has been on the UNESCO World heritage List since 2000. It represents the successful fusion of Gothic and Renaissance art. Bunari ( literally „ wells“ ) was in 15th century main reservoir for city's water supply. It is a complex which is today in use for concerts, stand-up comedy shows and other kind of entertainments. For those who appreciate beautiful gardens, there is extremely rare Medieval monastery garden, It is a part of the Franciscan monastery of St. Lawrence and it has been renovated and opened in 2007. There you can enjoy in a beauty and a scent of various plants, especially those used in pharmacy.

Beaches – In the town there are not sufficient beaches, and it is recommended to go on some of the islands for enjoyment in a pure sea and beautiful pebble beaches. In Žaborić is a sand beach. Recommendation for the restaurants, taverns, caffe-shops and night bars: “ Barun“, „ Zlatna ribica“, „ Oceanic“, „ Alpa“, etc. 

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