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Rijeka tourist information


Rijeka is the principal seaport in Croatia. It is the third largest city after Zagreb and Spli. There are adjacent towns and municipalities of Lovran, Mošćenićka Draga, Matulji, Kastav, Viškovo, Klana, Kostrena, Čavle, Jelenje, Bakar and Kraljevica.

This city is on very good and attractive strategic position and it has excellent deep-water port. Therefore,the city was a target of constant interests, especially between Italy, Hungary, and Croatia. Rijeka is an administrative centre of Primorje-Gorski kotar County in Croatia. The main base of economy is shipbuilding and maritime transport. There are shipyards „ 3.maj “ and „ Viktor Lenac. Rijeka is very interesting city regarding connection with the rest of the country and wider. There is the Port of Rijeka which is the largest port in Croatia.

The first record of a port in Rijeka date back to 1281. In 1719, the Port of Rijeka was granted a charter as a free port. There are good ferry connections with the surrounding islands. But, there is no direct foreign passenger ship connections. From the other hand, Rijeka has efficient road connections to other parts of Croatia and neighbouring countries. Regarding the connection by air; there is Rijeka Airport, and it belongs to Rijeka but, the airport is on the nearby island of Krk. Train traffic connection is on excellent level and Rijeka is fully integrated into the Croatian railway network and important international rail lines.

Main sights: In spite that Rijeka is not a town completely attached to tourism, there are still few very interesting spots. One of them is Tvornica "Torpedo" (the Torpedo factory). There was produced the first European prototypes of a self-propelled torpedo, created by Giovanni Luppis, a retired naval engineer from Rijeka. It is still possible to visit and to see the remains of this factory, including a well-preserved launch ramp used for testing self-propelled torpedoes. On that launch ramp, in 1866 the first torpedo was tested.

Beside that one, there is one completely different : it is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Trsat. It was built at 135 m above the sea level, on the Trsat hill during the late Middle Ages. This Sanctuary represents the Guardian of Travellers and it is mostly dedicated to seamen. They bring offerings to this place, so she will guard and protect them or help them in time of trouble or sickness. It hosts the Gothic sculpture of the Madonna of Slunj and there you can see art works made by Baroque painter, C. Tasce. There is an interesting and old cathedral, it is The St. Vitus Cathedral.It is a Roman Catholic cathedral, dedicated to the patron saint and protector of Rijeka.

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Beaches : Rijeka is one of the most specific town in the Adriatc coastline, regarding its beaches. Most of the beaches that are located nearby centre of the town, are rocky or cove beaches. So, for natural pebble beaches you have to go to Ičići, Medveja or Mošćenička Draga-the furthest away but the nicest.From the other hand, the islands have countless beaches for each kind of needs – from perfect spots for windsurfing on Punat till Rab and its Rajska plaža ( „ Paradise Beach „ ). So, in case you can hire a boat, that's the best possible way to find best beaches of all.

Where to eat in Rijeka? Rijeka is one of the biggest cities of Croatia so there are lots of possibilities to find a proper restaurant or café bar – according to your wishes or needs. There are some: Restaurant „ Mali raj“, Restaurant „ Plavi podrum“, Restaurant „ Le Mandrać “, Tavern „ Nebuloza“, etc.

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